About the Educational Kinesiology Trust

What is the role of the Trust?

The Trust is the curriculum and training standards body for Edu-K and Brain Gym in the UK and Ireland. It is a non-profit private company and affiliated to the International Educational Kinesiology Foundation, which is a registered not-for-profit company based in Ventura, California.

The Educational Kinesiology Trust in the UK has a Board of Directors who work voluntarily.

Monitoring training standards

The Trust Board establishes the training curriculum for Edu-K in the UK and Ireland. The UK training is an enhanced programme incorporating the core curriculum set by the international organisation. Our programme works towards meeting the requirements for the National Occupational Standards for Kinesiology.

The Trust ensures that professional standards of delivering Edu-K are maintained by:

  • registering any participant at a course taught by a qualified UK or Irish Instructor with the Trust’s national database
  • assessing the professional level accreditation courses to ensure that students have reached the required standard
  • setting Continuing Professional Development requirements for all Edu-K Consultants and Instructors
  • dealing with professional standards or conduct issues relating to any current professional member of the Trust

Membership of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation UK

The membership section of the organisation is known as the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.  Anyone using Edu-K and Brain Gym professionally in the UK and Ireland must be a professional member of the Trust or other Edu-K national professional membership organisation, in order to comply with legal requirements concerning use of the trademark. There is a directory of professional members on the Trust website, covering the UK and Republic of Ireland, so that members of the public can check that the programme is being offered by certified providers.


The current directors are:

  • Kay McCarroll
  • Niki Honoré
  • Suzanne Roberts
  • Karen Murphy

The directors are advised and supported by many professional members who generously donate their time and expertise and who are an intrinsic part of our team. The directors can be contacted directly by email here or via the Trust phone number 0845 539 0312.

Contact details

The Trust’s registered office is at:

12 Golders Rise

Phone UK: 0845 539 0312
Phone international: +44 (0)20 8123 0348

Email: click here to contact us