Become an Edu-K professional

What can training to be an Edu-K Professional offer me?

  • Realise your potential to help others and develop yourself in the process
  • Become proficient in a programme with more than years 30 years of implementation in over 80 countries
  • Discover the fascinating interdependence of movement, cognition and applied learning
  • The programme can be easily integrated with other self-development, movement and learning techniques
  • An in-depth and wide-ranging programme which offers a wealth of tools and techniques
  • A simple yet profound process for change which can be applied to most aspects of daily life
  • Techniques that can be used equally with those who are highly skilled or aspiring to improve their foundation skills
  • A programme that reaches out to every person, no matter what their intellectual, emotional or physical situation
  • Edu-K can be done in any environment, indoors or outdoors, it needs no equipment or special materials
  • A structured programme which can be infinitely adapted to individuals, freeing your imagination, skills and creativity
  • Follow one or all of 3 training pathways to suit your interests as a Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator, Educational Kinesiology Consultant and Brain Gym 101 (Foundation Course) Instructor
  • A nurturing study environment backed by the official training and membership body for Edu-K in the UK and Ireland

Training to professional level

There are 3 levels of professional qualification.  The gateway to these 3 levels is the Brain Gym 101 foundation course.

Professional Level 1: Brain Gym Movement Facilitator

  • Teach the 26 Brain Gym movement activities to classes and groups.  An adult teaching qualification is required. Click here for details of the training.

Professional Level 2: Educational Kinesiology Consultant

  • Work one to one with clients and with groups using the powerful Edu-K change and goal achievement procedure (known as a ‘balance’)
  • Deliver short Brain Gym training to groups with confidence based on a solid knowledge base
  • Support your trainings and sessions with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Edu-K and its processes
  • Set up an independent work stream, business or practice, working with individuals and groups and advertising yourself as professionally qualified to use Edu-K and Brain Gym
  • Once qualified, advertise short courses on the Educational Kinesiology Trust website, have your own profile page and link to your personal website.

Click here for details of the training.

Professional Level 3: Brain Gym 101 Instructor

  • Specialise in teaching the Brain Gym 101 foundation course and give maximum flexibility and credibility to your delivery of the Brain Gym curriculum
  • Gain expertise and confidence delivering the course to the public under the mentorship of experienced Instructors
  • Acquire co-teaching and solo teaching skills of the Brain Gym materials as you progressively teach more of the course
  • Cover your mentorship costs under a profit-share arrangement for the students you bring to your graduation Brain Gym 101 course
  • Once qualified, advertise your courses, training and practice on the official Educational Kinesiology Trust website and enhance your profile page with your additional skills.

Click here for details of the training.

Further Instructor training opportunities

Once you have qualified as a Brain Gym 101 Instructor, the path is open to further Instructor qualifications:

  • Optimal Brain Organisation Instructor
  • Vision circles Instructor
  • Movement Dynamics Instructor, and more ….

Further horizons

Brain Gym Instructors with some experience behind them can apply to become Faculty members. This opens the door to teaching more advanced courses in the programme and expanding your mentoring role.

Who is the Edu-K training recognised by?

  • Edu-K is recognised as an Advanced Kinesiology training route by the Kinesiology Federation.
  • The Brain Gym Instructor 101 level of qualification (and other Edu-K course Instructor qualifications) are recognised internationally by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation (International).  This opens the door to training Brain Gym 101 anywhere in the world, dependent upon the international protocols for delivery of training being observed.

Interested in finding out more?

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