Brain Gym Conference Programme – 23/24 March 2019


Both days – £140 | Saturday only £110 | Sunday only £90

Phoebe Long​ – “What is Brain Gym?” The Breakthru Approach: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities For Families Who Have Children, Teenagers and Young Adults Who Learn Differently

This programme offers hope to children, teenagers and young adults who “learn differently” to lead fulfilling lives and restore joy in their families. It employs the 3 P.L.A.Y. strategy for brain and body integration using Brain Gym movements and Language Intention. The story of Max, a teenager who experiences transformation in his behavioural issues will be shared. With the support of his family and 3 P.L.A.Y., Max breaks free from stress and strengthens his mental ability to function rationally. Obstacles are turned into opportunities. This shows that children, teenagers and young adults can be nurtured to develop inner harmony to make their own choices through observation, movements and appropriate and timely support to learn how to learn again. They are empowered to fill their developmental gaps and fulfil their destiny, thus strengthening their family bonding and well-being. The Breakthru Approach is the core strategy of support for children to bring out their potential, to do the best in life, and be a beacon of hope for families.

Phoebe Long is the International Faculty Member of Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym® International Foundation: Faculty Member of Movement Based Learning, Inc.: Professional Kinesiologist, Registered Touch for Health Instructor, International Kinesiology College, Australia:

Licensed Rhythmic Movement Training International Instructor / Provider: Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor for BG101, Brain Gym for Special Needs Provider, Double Doodle Play, Vision Circle, In Depth and Teacher Practicum, Certified Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) Trainer, Malaysia, Co-Founder of Breakthru Enrichment Station, and Breakthru Academy Malaysia and

Janice Graham
Building an Effective Toolbox: Using Brain Gym and RMTi. 

In this workshop we will explore how it’s possible to build a toolbox to help clients by using a combination of Brain Gym and RMTi. We will look at how the two work well together and look at case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of a combined approach.

Janice Graham has been involved in the education sector for over 30 years, having trained initially as a primary school teacher.She now works as a self-employed consultant and trainer, nationally and internationally. She has been using Brain Gym in her work since 2001 and became a Brain Gym Instructor in 2005. Janice has trained to deliver a number of primitive reflex integration programmes, and now primarily uses Rhythmic Movement Training, which she also teaches. The combined approach of reflex integration and Brain Gym give children a firm foundation for their social and emotional development as well as for their learning. It is such a joy to be able to facilitate positive change in their lives and see children make progress where previously they had been stuck. Adult clients also benefit from the same approach and often find that the work is transformational, helping to release long-term patterns of stress. Here’s what one adult client said after a session:“I feel so much calmer & was able to rest & relax for most of the afternoon! The frantic-ness has completely left me-like someone letting the air out of a bouncy ball”

Jennifer Hand – “The Pleasure of Movement”

The Movement Dynamics play-shop, developed by Gail Dennison, builds on activities from various Educational Kinesiology courses and forms the basis for this session. In it we will have the opportunity to deepen our experience of the three dimensions as we explore the space around us and enjoy easy movement flows to music specially selected for both reflection and joy.Together we will develop a group goal and use noticing to create a learning menu that is energizing, expressive and nurturing. You are invited to bring a mat / beach towel and small cushion for activities on the floor. All movements in this session can be adapted to suit individual abilities.

Jennifer Hand is an Educational Kinesiology Consultant and teaches Brain Gym® and Touch for Health. Since she completed her original training in 2005, she has attended kinesiology-based courses in France, Germany and the US as well as the UK. With experience in secondary school teaching and business communication, she also works as a writer and video producer, specializing in design, technology and manufacturing.

Viv Hailwood – BrainChild Developmental Program: Helping you to help your child.  

How automatic responses left over from early life can affect a child’s brain development and how it can be given a second chance. (While having fun of course!)

Viv Hailwood has a background in speech therapy,teaching and educational research and was a primary head teacher before establishing The Brainchild Developmental Program in 2005. Her main focus is on neurodevelopment and program development and delivery for families, schools and groups.

Karen Murphy

 Karen Murphy – Doughtastic! 

This interactive session provides opportunities for practitioners to learn how to support children’s gross and fine motor development in readiness for writing. It will incorporate the use of dough and other materials. Be prepared to join and get messy.

Karen Murphy is a Brain Gym®Instructor, Early Years Consultant / Area SENCo and author. Karen has applied her deep knowledge of her work and has written books about Early Years Assessment for Physical Development, for Communication & Language, for Personal, Social & Emotional Development and for Mathematics. 

Kay McCarroll

Kay McCarroll – International Brain Gym®

Kay with her Co-International Faculty Member, Niki Honoré, will be sharing what is happening on the International scene, where Brain Gym® is heading, the new Breakthroughs organisation and how we are now linked with other organisations, and the what the future may look like for Brain Gym in the UK.

Kay McCarroll, DC, KFRP, is the International Faculty Member of Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym® International Foundation for the UK and teaches all the courses to Faculty level as well as the advanced Educational Kinesiology courses.  Her work takes her abroad to Europe and Australia. It was in 1983 that Kay found Edu-K / Brain Gym® which enabled her to return to college and train as a McTimoney Chiropractor.  In 1984 she began to share Brain Gym®throughout the UK, helping many children, teachers and people to attain greater success with learning and personal achievements.

Suzanne Roberts – Becoming Unstuck:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein.
Sometimes we get stuck in our patterns of thinking and doing. Discover a tool to help find where the blocks are and use Edu-K tools and techniques to become unstuck. 

Suzanne Roberts, AKFRP, is an Educational Kinesiology Consultant and Brain Gym® Instructor who has been a kinesiologist for 16 years following a 25-year career in banking.  She uses her business and training background together with the Educational Kinesiology model of drawing out to offer practical and interactive sessions for situations where change is needed.  She has recently been accepted as Faculty for Education Kinesiology and Brain Gym® for the UK and Ireland.

 Lisa Absalom – Working with Brain Gym® in Schools:

Lisa will give a brief overview of her use of Brain Gym during 1:1 learning support sessions for children on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) at her school. She will also give a brief synopsis of her Introduction to Brain Gym 1 day seminars for people who would like to know more about Brain Gym and how to use it in their classes.  

Lisa Absalom, has over 20 years experience in primary and early years teaching in inner London schools and is the founder of Bright Moves. She was introduced to Brain Gym®, and subsequently began using it in class, after an INSET held at her school in 2002. As she began to use it, she was so impressed with the positive effects on her pupils’ concentration, learning and progress, she began teaching part-time in order to train further in it. She qualified as an Edu-K Consultant in 2008 and became a Brain Gym® Instructor in 2015.

Jill Wallis – Working with Shabang! Inclusive Learning.

10 years ago, Jill met Kim Reuter, one of the founders of Shabang! Inclusive Learning, on a Brain Gym course and was asked to work with Kim’s son Ruben who lives with Down Syndrome. She initially worked on helping his swimming and he became a champion swimmer who then joined the cast of CBBC’s “The Dumping Ground” and became a roving reporter for BBC Newsround. Learn more about Ruben’s journey and how Jill has worked with Shabang! to creatively incorporate Brain Gym into their work supporting schools, parents and children with additional needs. You can find out more about Shabang! at

Jill gained 24 years of experience teaching in various schools, from Nursery to Sixth Form, in inner-city Bradford and East London. Her work as a SENCo started her off on her quest to “switch children on” to learning and bring more joy into schools. She is an INLPTA NLP Instructor, Circle Time trainer, Touch for Health Instructor, LEAP Practitioner and a licensed provider of “The Listening Programme” as well as being a qualified drama therapist.

Niki Honoré – Double Doodle Drawing

Feel free to express yourself in colour on paper wherever your eyes and hands take you, using both hands simultaneously.Be amazed at what you create when your thoughts and feelings flow directly through your hands. Doodling with left and right hands liberates us from constraining judgments and frees our movements for full enjoyment of art,handwriting, spatial awareness and sensory co-ordination. Revisit the foundation skills and pleasure that underlie all communication on paper. Connect to the adventure and joy that was natural when we first started making marks and exploring the space on surfaces.

Niki Honoré is an experienced Educational Kinesiology Consultant, Brain Gym and Double Doodle Instructor. She is an International Faculty member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. The Double Doodle programme was created by Gail E Dennison.

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