Individual sessions

Aim of an Edu-K session

Edu-K is a client-centred process: the client chooses their own goals or in partnership with the facilitator.  These are usually targets for greater achievement, enjoyment and success, such as in:

  • basic physical skills – handwriting, reading and sport
  • social and behavioural skills – better work or personal relationships, anger management
  • stress management – public speaking, travelling, or any activity and situation that causes stress
  • developmental skills – focus and attention, gross and fine motor skills

During each change process (known as a ‘balance’), the practitioner helps the client notice their level of skill, stress or ease before and after the use of Educational Kinesiology techniques and tools.  The setting of goals is an important part of Educational Kinesiology and enables concrete changes to be observed and experienced where they occur.

What happens in a one-to-one session

The role of the Consultant is to create a safe and supportive environment in which to help you make positive changes and work towards the targets you choose. The Consultant will use their experience to collaboratively choose appropriate Edu-K and Brain Gym activities to support this change.  An Edu-K session follows a simple structure:

  • a discussion between the practitioner and the client as to what the client’s challenges are
  • establishing what the client wishes to improve
  • a process of change known as a “balance” using Edu-K activities and techniques
  • noticing whether and what change has occurred as a result of the balance process
  • consolidation of the process by choosing activities to follow-up with at home

Choosing a goal

During the session the Consultant will ask you to choose a goal for that session. Edu-K is well suited to working on goals of many kinds drawn from everday life. Some examples of common goals are:

  • physical skills – singing, co-ordination and sport
  • emotional issues – relationships, confidence and stress management
  • academic skills – numeracy, reading and writing
  • behavioural skills – concentration, teamwork and self-management
  • social skills – communication, listening and self-expression

Having chosen the goal, you will be asked to enact the challenging skill or situation so that a baseline is established.   For a hand-eye co-ordination goal, for example, a movement such as catching a ball can be done. The facilitator then uses their experience to help you choose Edu-K activities.  You can do these on your own or with help from the Consultant, depending on your age and ability.  After the Edu-K movements, in the example given, the same hand-eye co-ordination activity will be repeated, so that any changes can be directly experienced.

Following up after a one-to-one session

The Edu-K Consultant will usually suggest that you follow up a session with activities drawn from the session and associated with the change you wish to make.  These are done daily at home for a few minutes, usually for around 3 weeks, to help consolidate the change you made in the session.

There is no recommended or prescribed number of sessions.  After each session, you can discuss with the Consultant whether another session is needed to work further on the goal you have chosen or whether you wish to work on another challenge.  The number and timing of sessions is individual and depends on progress, personal choice and what you want to achieve.

Costs of a one-to-one session

A rough guide to charges for a session is £45-£75.  This may depend on region or length of session.  The number of sessions is entirely your choice.  Click here for more information on this in the FAQs.

Finding out more and booking a session

If you would like to discuss further whether a one-to-one session with an accredited Consultant could benefit you, or you wish to book a session, you can click here for a directory of Consultants and their contact details. All Brain Gym 101 Instructors are also qualified as Consultants.