Level 1 » Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator Accreditation Course

  • On satisfactory completion of the 3 day course, you will be able to teach the 26 activities to groups in settings of your choice. This 3 day course combines an in-depth review of the Brain Gym activities with an accreditation process to qualify as a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator.

    Key programme details
    Class hours
    24 hours

    Delivery mode
    Practical and conceptual review of Brain Gym activities

    Evaluation of presentations during course


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    Qualification level
    Brain Gym Movement Facilitator
    Professional Level 1

    Location and dates
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    Pathway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2

    Key outcomes
    • Gain a solid foundation in how to do the Brain Gym activities to best effect
    • Learn how to creatively adapt the activities to the abilities of groups and individuals you are teaching
    • Understand the core motor development principles on which the activities are based
    • Create flexible programmes for using the activities with your interest group
    • Refine teaching the activities using the drawing out style of learning on which Edu-K is based
    • Develop a clear, effective style of communication when explaining the core principles and activities of the Brain Gym programme
  • What will I learn on the course?

    This course comprises two main elements:

    • Review of the 26 Brain Gym activities: an in depth and interactive review of how to do, use, adapt and explain the activities
    • Teaching the activities: evaluated practice in teaching the 26 activities to different age and ability groups and incorporating them into effective programmes

    Before attending the course, it is anticipated that you will have a good working knowledge of the Brain Gym activities, as well as ideas and experience of how to adapt them to the abilities and needs of your students.

    How is the training delivered?

    This training is delivered by a Faculty Instructor (senior teacher). The main delivery features are:

    • Active student participation throughout the course
    • Demonstrations of your understanding of how to do the activities, when to use them and how to honour the present abilities of your students
    • Discussions on the background to the activities
    • Creation and presentation of sample programmes for using the activities in different situations and with varied age groups
    • Continuous constructive peer and Instructor feedback

    The training content

    Day 1 – Review of the activities: Your Faculty Instructor will review all 26 activities with in depth discussion on why, how and when to use them, with your active participation.

    Day 2 – Demonstration of activities: You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of the activities and how you would teach them to different client groups.

    Day 3 – Putting the activities into action: Creation of sample programmes, discussion of reasons for choosing groups or sequences of activities and aims and objectives.

    Requirements prior to attending the course

    Before attending the Brain Gym Movement Facilitator Course, you will need to have completed all prior requisites, including having your home study evaluated and signed off by your Instructors:

    • Brain Gym 101 course
    • Sensory development module (or equivalent prior learning)

    At the end of the course

    At the end of the course, if you accreditation has been confirmed, you will need to complete some formalities to be presented with your Certificate of Qualification as a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator:

    • Signature of a Sub-licence Agreement with the Educational Kinesiology Trust
    • Enrolment as a Professional Member of the Educational Kinesiology Trust (includes continuing professional development requirements after 2 years)
    • Copy of a Certificate of Professional Insurance
    • Adult teaching qualification

    Do you have any further questions?

    If you have any questions, contact one of the Faculty Members (Kay McCarroll or Niki Honoré) who will be happy to discuss them with you. Alternatively you can phone us on 0845 539 0312 or email us.

    Key information about this course

    24 hours

    Class time




    Concepts & background

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    Home study

    Gateway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2

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