Gill Brooksmith

Name: Gill Brooksmith

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Country: England

Region: East

County: Cambridgeshire

Town: Peterborough

About me

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Courses I have developed:

I currently teach the Brain Gym 26 Movements Course (Brain Gym 104) and the Brain Gym Foundation Course – Balance for Daily Life (Brain Gym 101) online, making them accessible to people worldwide. My passion lies in bringing about change in learning ability and accessing the curriculum with ease for students. To this end I have developed a number of courses, all of which are available online. These include:

Brain Gym for Special Needs
Brain Gym and Reflexes for Hand Writing
Brain Gym and Vision Gym for Early Years
Catch-up – a whole school Sensory Integration programme that measurably increased performance academically, socially and improved behaviour.

Other professional qualifications:

I specialise in neuro-development and run courses throughout Britain as well as the Middle East and South Africa. These courses include the following:

Rhythmic Movement Training and Reflex Integration:
Level 1 RMT for Focus, Organisation and Comprehension
Level 2 RMT for Emotion and Inner Leadership
Level 3 RMT for Reading and Writing
Face the Fear
Making Connections

Rhythm, Movement and Play – An introductory course especially suited for Mothers and pre-school teachers and assistants
RMT for School Readiness – a 2 day course for teachers in perparing children to be more developmentally ready to move into main school

Other information about me:

It was through my daughter’s dyslexia that I made a career change from Management Consulting to Kinesiology and qualified in 1994, having trained with Dr Carla Hannaford and Paul Dennison. The power of this field of work inspired me to train further in order to share and empower others to make a difference in other people’s lives. Within my busy practice I am awed at how the body, when supported through gentle movement and other techniques, is able to release the emotional and physical issues that hold the person back from achieving their goals.