Jennifer Hand

Jennifer Hand

Name: Jennifer Hand

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Phone: + 44 (0)20 8789 4336

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Country: England

Region: S East

County: SW London

Town: Putney SW15

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I have developed various customised courses in response to requests from companies, education authorities and schools. There is always interest in expanding skills around concentration, communication and creativity and I really enjoy exploring these areas.

Other professional qualifications:

BA Hons English Literature
Post Graduation Certificate of Education
MSc in Public Relations
Exercise to Music Instructor
Touch for Health Instructor

Other information about me:

I find Educational Kinesiology particularly rewarding because it provides insight on our individuality and the way in which we experience the world. I really enjoy the fact that client consultations allow individuals to recognize their own priorities and develop their own goals. In addition, the self-help tools are an opportunity for valuable reinforcement outside of the practice room.

Every day we all need to pay attention to information we receive, decide on our response and act in an appropriate manner. In daily life I experience exactly the same challenges as my clients and it seems that personal goals are often a search for clarity and composure so that we can maintain balance along with a sense of achievement and connection.

I also enjoy using and teaching Touch for Health, which I have come to regard as the nuts and bolts of kinesiology; it’s a fascinating means of understanding the body and the way it functions.

My background is in teaching, publishing and business communication, particularly within the construction, engineering and technology sectors. I have also studied and taught movement and dance. I combine my role as a kinesiologist with that of a business writer, regularly interviewing engineers, scientists and other technical specialists around the world. This makes for a stimulating and satisfying mix.

Based in London, I am happy to deliver training wherever it is required.