Liz Wright

Liz Wright

Name: Liz Wright

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Mobile number: 07752 435714

Phone: 0121 628 2680

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Country: England

Region: West

County: Midlands

Town: Birmingham

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Courses I have developed:

I run a series of movement programmes for the Under 5s with their parents or carers:Baby Gym, Toddler Gym and Animal Gym.

They are based on the natural developmental movements of childhood, taking into account most of the primitive and postural reflexes.  The emphasis is on fun and collaboration between child and adult.  I present stories, games and challenges to stimulate the children’s imagination with support from their parents, and a little background information to explain the scientific reasoning behind these to the adults.

Other professional qualifications:

My first degree is a Hons BSc Psychology 1976, from McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario (Canada).
I am a qualified teacher, and was teaching instrumental music in primary schools on and off from 1986 to 2012.
During the 1990’s I trained and worked as a teacher of the deaf, and also learned sign language to CACPD stage 2.
I have a Master’s degree in Early Years Education from Roehampton University 2011.

Other information about me:

A number of my adult clients have had difficulties with their well-being or mental health. I use Transactional Analysis and Emotional Literacy frameworks to help us work through these difficulties together.

My Edu-K work led me to focus on the way our bodies naturally develop during childhood. I find it useful to assess the state of bodily reflexes. When these movements are integrated into normal bodily function, I find that progress is much quicker. This is particularly so for young clients. We often start with this work first.

So much life-giving movement can be found in work and play outdoors, along with fresh air, fun and friends or family. I now place a strong emphasis on the benefits of Forest School and link with providers in my neighbourhood. I help to run a project at Highbury Orchard in Birmingham that encourages peopleof all ages to connect with land through various activities.