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Name: Viv Hailwood

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Mobile number: 07446 670707

Phone: 03337729585

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Country: England

Region: N West

County: Cumbria

Town: Sedbergh

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Courses I have developed:

The Brainchild Developmental Program The Program can be accessed online or face-to-face. It consists of an individual assessment that feeds directly into the program that addresses your child’s needs. Online, this is a 10 module program of streamed videos that carefully takes you through the required activities to help your child.They are very specific and fun! It focuses on the infant reflexes persisting from babyhood that can affect brain processing in numerous ways. When a number of these reflexes persist they present as a complex problem. Young people with a diagnosis of autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADD/ADHD can benefit. Also individual issues can be helped, such as bedwetting, sleep problems, socialisation issues, writing difficulties and co-ordination.

Other professional qualifications:

B.Sc. Speech Therapy – University of Newcastle on Tyne M.Sc. Educational Research – University of Manchester Post graduate certificate in Education – teaching qualification – University of Newcastle on Tyne EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Level 2 Diploma in Baby Massage

Other information about me:

I worked in mainstream primary school teaching . I was a headteacher for 10 years up to 2005. My school had a larger percentage of children with Special needs, particularly with autism, and was noted in Parliament as a particularly successful school. I have since run the Brainchild Developmental Program with individuals, NAS groups and trained teachers in the schools program.