Brain Gym® Gives You the Best Workout

Stuart Hanson on Brain Gym® 101, the 4 day foundation course
August 2004

Brain Gym Instructors: Suzanne Wade & Jill Wallis

“It is part of everyone’s personal development plan at work to go on a training course at least once a year. Most of us have a rather cynical approach to this American style of training, as it tends to feel like an embarrassing combination of an alcoholics anonymous session coinciding with an episode of the Brittas Empire, “Hello, my name is Stuart and I have problems motivating myself to answer my e-mails”, which is then met with a supportive grunt from colleagues. These secret admissions progress round the group and generally conclude with some necessity to touch one another under some dubious title of group bonding; unfortunately I always get the rather rotund office secretary, who amazes me how quickly she can get across the training room to where I am hiding.

However, this is not the case with Developing Minds Ltd. You will be pleased to know that there is no need to touch anyone that you don’t want to and at no point do you have to confess to being an office deviant. During the whole four days I managed to keep my personal dignity fully intact. I was even allowed to be cynical towards the course activities, allowing my Victor Meldrew mentality to question the validity of what was being taught and the reasoning behind it. With the instructors’ careful explanations, guidance and practical application of the exercises, Brain Gym proved that it was not just a one race winner, but was capable of being an Olympic champion in all fields.

Let Brain Gym have the opportunity of winning some races for you. It is four days that will give you a head start for years to come and maybe give you the confidence to admit to your colleagues of being an office deviant … “


Daphne Duckworth

“…..taking all the courses has been HUGE for me and I could only wish that others may find this also.  I cannot imagine where I would be today without it.”


Course participant (name supplied)

Brain Gym 101: May 2006

Brain Gym Instructor: Mary Howard

“Just to say thank you for an inspiring [course] – I have not felt so positive for a long time. I did some Brain Gym before I started and had all my work completed by 8 o’clock. I have also cooked, done the ironing and had a bath and painted my toes ready for my holiday! I am now pretty tired but couldn’t go to bed without thanking you. I am looking forward to trying some out at school tomorrow.”