Level 1 » Brain Gym® 101 Foundation Course

  • Brain Gym 101 is the foundation module of the Educational Kinesiology Programme.  On the course you will learn the 26 Brain Gym movements and a set of techniques that are intrinsic to the effectiveness of the Brain Gym programme. These techniques allow the movements to be applied to the specific goals and needs of individuals. The course is a pathway to the whole Educational Kinesiology programme and to training to a professional level.

    Key programme details
    Class hours
    32 hours

    Delivery mode
    Practical, experiential


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    Qualification level
    Professional Level 1 course

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    Pathway to:

    Brain Gym Movement Facilitator
    Professional Level 1

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2

    Brain Gym 101 Instructor
    Professional Level 3


    Key outcomes
    • The course comprises the full internationally authorised Brain Gym module of the original trademarked programme
    • Learn the original motor and sensory programme, movements and techniques
    • Gain confidence, expertise and knowledge from individualised tuition
    • Apply what you learn effectively as soon as you complete the course
    • A supportive learning environment with ongoing mentoring
    • The gateway for training to 3 professional levels in Educational Kinesiology
  • What will I learn on the course?

    Begin an exciting new journey in your personal and professional life. The Brain Gym Foundation course is an intensive and hands on experience of the Brain Gym part of the Educational Kinesiology Programme. The training offers the complete set of Brain Gym techniques and movement activities. Completion of the course is the gateway to 3 professional level qualifications in Edu-K. Whether you choose to just do this foundation course or continue on to further training, you will come away with an innovative, practical and flexible set of tools and techniques. Many people find Brain Gym is easily added to their existing skills, based on its practical techniques, wide applicability to people at all levels of skill and focus on the uniqueness of the individual.

    The activities

    • How to do the 26 Brain Gym Activities for maximum benefit
    • The effects of the individual activities on performance, attitude and skills
    • The significance of the four groups into which the activities are categorised and how to use them to best effect
    • How to adapt the activities for people of many levels of physical, social and cognitive skills
    • Facilitating whole body movement by two unique ‘Repatterning’ sequences
    • Using the activities for oneself or with help from a facilitator

    The concepts

    • The importance of movement and the body to learning and daily wellbeing
    • The physical and postural skills that underlie many daily life activities
    • The model of the ‘Dynamic Brain’ – how stress and ease either inhibit or enhance our potential and performance
    • The ‘drawing out’ model of learning – honouring, trusting and supporting each individual’s innate resources
    • The model of the 3 dimensions of learning – how the synthesis of sensing, feeling and thinking can support learning and life skills
    • How noticing what does and doesn’t work for us – what we have learnt and what we have yet to learn – empowers positive choices

    The techniques

    • Noticing our individual responses to tasks, people and situations for more successful life and learning skills
    • Facilitating whole body engagement in daily life
    • A goal setting technique and achievement process, known as a ‘balance’
    • How to use the balance procedures and activities for yourself
    • How to adapt the balance process for age and ability when facilitating others
    • Selecting the optimal Brain Gym activities and techniques for yourself and others in relation to chosen goals

    After the course

    You will receive a Letter of Attendance from your Brain Gym Instructor on completion of the full class hours. If you are intending to integrate Brain Gym into your existing professional area after the course, we strongly recommend that you complete the designated post-class case studies. If you are training to a professional level qualification (such as Brain Gym Movement Facilitator), case studies must be completed as part of your training track. Your Brain Gym Instructor will support you in this process and evaluate your case study experience as part of the learning process. Completion of the case studies entitles you to a Certificate of Completion which states that you have satisfactorily completed all the course requirements. This Certificate is valid for four years, should you wish to continue training in the future.

    Who teaches the course?

    The Brain Gym 101 course is taught by qualified Brain Gym Instructors. They are all independent trainers who have met the training standards set by the Educational Kinesiology Trust in the UK, are current professional members of the Edu-K Trust and have completed a specified number of ongoing continuing professional development hours.

    Do you have any further questions?

    Contact your local Brain Gym Instructor, email the Trust or phone us on 0845 539 0312.

    Key information about this course

    32 hours

    Class time




    Concepts & background

    31 hours

    Home study

    Gateway to:

    Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator
    Professional Level 1

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