Level 1 » Brain Gym® 26 Movement Facilitator Training Programme

  • What does the training qualify me to do?

    As a Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator you will be licensed to deliver training covering the 26 Brain Gym activities at a professional level to groups and individuals in any setting you choose. On completion of training as a 26 Movement Facilitator you will know how to:

    • effectively use and adapt the activities for a wide variety of ages, physical, social and abilities
    • be confident and familiar with the basic concepts of the Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology programme
    • communicate clearly the ethos, activities, concepts and techniques of the programme

    This experience base is essential in order to understand, respect and carry out the core perspectives of the Brain Gym programme when using the Brain Gym activities. It is equally important that as a 26 Movement Facilitator you have a conceptual understanding of why you are using the activities that can be clearly and knowledgeably communicated to the public. To meet a high professional standard, the Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator training comprises a mixture of practical and theoretical training, culminating in an accreditation course.

    Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator Training programme

    • Brain Gym 26 Movements Course (Brain Gym 104) – 16 class hours
    • 26 Brain Gym activities practical experience studies
    • Brain Gym: Balance for Daily Life (Brain Gym 101) – 32 class hours
    • 12 practical experience studies
    • Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator Course (Brain Gym 110) – 24 class hours
    • Licence to teach the Brain Gym activities, basic concepts and techniques

    Brain Gym 104 and Brain Gym 101 can be taken in any order.

    Key programme details
    Class hours
    72 hours

    Delivery mode

    Mixed mode:

    • Classroom – practical, experiential

    • Theoretical – case studies

    • Background – home study/online


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    Qualification level
    Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator
    Professional Level 1

    Location and dates

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    Pathway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2


    Key outcomes
    • Teach the movements to a wide audience, confident that you are thoroughly prepared and know what your are doing and why you are doing it
    • An in-depth grounding in the best way to do the movements and how to adapt them for your setting and to a wide range of student abilities
    • Benefit from evaluated practice with experienced Instructors both in the classroom and through case studies
    • Discover the physiological context of the Brain Gym movements and how they relate to motor development
    • Become an informed and creative Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator, able to customise your skills to benefit many environments
  • What will I learn on the programme?

    On the training to become a Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator you will learn how to:

    • Teach the 26 Brain Gym activities to groups or individuals in settings of your choice
    • Deliver the training with a sound grasp of the main concepts underlying and expressed in the Brain Gym programme

    Qualification pathway (total 117 hours)


    Licence and membership

    • Sub-licence with the Educational Kinesiology Trust
    • Professional membership of the Educational Kinesiology Trust
    • Certificate of Professional Insurance

    Additional qualification

    • Adult teaching qualification, eg PTTLS or CTTLS

    Do you have any further questions?

    If you have any questions, contact one of the Faculty Members (Kay McCarroll or Niki Honoré) who will be happy to discuss them with you. Alternatively you can phone us on 0845 539 0312 or email us.

    Key information about this course

    56 hours

    Class time




    Concepts & background

    61 hours

    Home study

    Gateway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2

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