Level 2 » Educational Kinesiology In-Depth: 7 Dimensions of Intelligence

  • The Seven Dimensions course takes your knowledge of the concepts and practice of Edu-K to a whole new level. Looking at human behaviour from seven dimensions, the programme offers an in-depth and extensive set of self-development techniques. Discover how to help yourself and others move forward through challenges, release latent skills and potential and create a self-directed life path. The course is taught by Faculty Instructors (senior trainers) and is a core part of the training to become an Educational Kinesiology Consultant.

    Key programme details
    Class hours
    40 hours

    Delivery mode

    Practical, experiential


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    Qualification level
    Professional Level 2 course

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    Pathway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2


    Key outcomes
    • Expand the tools and techniques learnt in previous courses to support multi-dimensional personal development
    • Explore the fascinating links between posture, movement, attitude and skills and learn a unique set of tools to benefit from these connections
    • Deepen and broaden your understanding and experience of Edu-K’s core insight into the connection between physiology and function
    • Acquire the skills to work one to one with others under the experienced tuition of a Faculty Instructor
    • Attend extended supervised practice sessions during the course to embed the techniques in your experience
    • An opportunity to progress your self-development by working in depth on your own goals and challenges in a safe and supportive environment
  • What will I learn on the course?

    Explore and experience seven dimensions of innate intelligence – behaviour, motivation, physical reflexes, focus, posture, self-expression and self-management. Learn how they can become natural resources when integrated into our functioning being, supporting personal development. The extensive and profound techniques and activities learnt on the course are solidly grounded in movement and posture. Experience how they can become powerful triggers for positive change and managing challenges. This course prepares you to work one to one with others, greatly expands the techniques in your toolkit and hones and extends your skills in using the Edu-K goal setting process. The training is delivered by Faculty members, who are senior Edu-K Instructors.

    The activities

    • A substantial number of new movement activities covering a broad range of gentle, physical techniques
    • Integrate the new activities with those you have already learnt to extend your repertoire seamlessly
    • Discover four new groupings of these activities to improve your potential in the areas of:
      • posture and movement
      • behaviour and emotion
      • personal ecology and self-management
      • inner balance and calm
    • Supervised evening practice sessions offer the opportunity to the day’s learning into practice, for an optimal hands on learning experience
    • Learn the activities and techniques by working on your own goals to develop maximum understanding when facilitating others
    • A fascinating and in depth insight into the advantages of grounding change and learning in your physiology and movement

    The concepts

    • The Seven Dimensions process offers a wholly individualised set of opportunities for change to each person rather than one specific set of solutions to any given challenge
    • The highest priority is given to each individual’s development of their own system of self-structured learning
    • Facilitator and client approach every shared session as being a teachable moment where anything is possible
    • The facilitator’s role is to provide an environment in which new experience can take place rather than offering a methodology
    • Each change process is based on the integration of physical and developmental skills with emotional needs and rational goals
    • The activities and techniques of the In Depth programme can be adapted for any level of skill, wellbeing and function

    The techniques

    • How to draw out awareness of where the blocks to moving forward may be held in the body
    • Encouraging self-education through making links between behaviour, function and physiology
    • Teaching simple body feedback techniques as a guide to the priority areas in which progress is needed
    • Encouraging self-reliance in choosing activities to release stress responses to challenges
    • Using Edu-K processes and activities with creativity and spontaneity, in tandem with a structured system
    • Guiding clients through a process of self-actualising change whilst respecting their innate intelligence to know what is needed, to self-direct, to make choices and to find meaning in their chosen goals

    After the course

    You will receive a Letter of Attendance from your Faculty Instructor on completion of the full class hours. The next step is to complete the designated post-course case studies. Your Faculty Instructor will support you in this process and evaluate your case study experience as part of the learning process. To complete the post-course curriculum, you also need to take a written test that can be completed in your own time and online. The aim is to help you to evaluate your understanding of the concepts and practice you explored in the Seven Dimensions course. Satisfactory completion of the case studies and the test entitles you to a Certificate of Completion, which states that you have fully completed the course requirements. This Certificate is valid for four years, should you wish to continue training in the future.

    Who teaches the course?

    The course is taught by Faculty Instructors. These Instructors undergo substantial additional training to be accepted as Faculty members and deliver the Educational Kinesiology In Depth: Seven Dimensions course. They have to be approved at an international level as having met the required training standards, as well as mentoring and sponsorship criteria. They must be professional members in good standing of the Educational Kinesiology Trust in the UK and the International Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

    Do you have any further questions?

    If you have any questions, contact one of the Faculty Members (Kay McCarroll or Niki Honoré) who will be happy to discuss them with you. Alternatively you can phone us on 0845 539 0312 or email us.

    Key information about this course

    40 hours

    Class time




    Concepts & background

    30 hours

    Home study

    Gateway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2

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