Level 2 » Educational Kinesiology Consultant Training Programme

  • What does the training qualify me to do?

    If you would like to work one-to-one with individual clients and deliver talks and short seminars on Brain Gym®, then becoming an Educational Kinesiology Consultant is a natural next step. With the Brain Gym Movement Facilitator training under your belt, further modules of the programme bring a deeper understanding of the Edu-K approach beyond Brain Gym and greatly extend the techniques at your disposal.

    This progression in training opens the door to the professional use of the unique and potent Edu-K goal achievement process, which is at the heart of the optimal effectiveness of the Brain Gym and Edu-K physical activities. Whether working with small groups, large teams or helping individuals towards in-depth self-development, the power of the simple, structured goal achievement process can be profound. As an Educational Kinesiology Consultant you will learn many Edu-K activities and strategies beyond the Brain Gym programme. These will give you a flexible and multi-dimensional professional – and personal – resource to foster individual growth. You will also be able to deliver short Brain Gym trainings in settings of your choice, confident that these are backed up by an extensive experience and knowledge of the Edu-K approach and programme.

    From becoming a Consultant, it is only a short step to being qualified to teach the Brain Gym 101 course, upon completion of the Brain Gym 101 Graduate Mentoring programme.

    Key programme details
    Class hours
    312 hours + home study projects

    Delivery mode

    Practical, experiential

    Theoretical, online and classroom assessment


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    Qualification level
    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2

    Location and dates

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    Pathway to:

    Brain Gym 101 Instructor
    Professional Level 3


    Key outcomes
    • Go beyond the Brain Gym programme and experience many further perspectives of the Edu-K system through three new, profound and self-empowering courses
    • Add many new activities to your Edu-K toolkit to enrich your ability to help others
    • Learn enhanced Edu-K goal setting processes to expand the opportunities for optimising performance
    • Learn how the different course activities and processes can be blended into one multi-faceted approach to personal growth
    • Develop the skill to work in depth with individual issues using a potent, respectful and personally empowering system
    • Become a competent, flexible and dynamic presenter of the key aspects of the Brain Gym programme, extending your audience through talks and short seminars in environments of your choice
  • What will I learn on the programme?

    Becoming an Educational Kinesiology Consultant qualifies you to work with clients on a one-to-one basis and to deliver talks and seminars on Brain Gym. You are entitled to use all the Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology tools and techniques you will have learnt up to this part of the training in your private consultations.

    The qualification pathway comprises 4 modules:

    Module 1: Touch for Health, modules 1 & 2 (total 60 hours)

    • Classroom: 30 hours
    • Practical evaluation: complete 12 case studies – 30 hours (+ optional assessment entitles you to register as a Kinesiology Federation Associate Member when you qualify as an Edu-K Consultant)
    • Prior attendance of this course will be counted towards the Educational Kinesiology Consultant training in most circumstances: contact the office to discuss your situation

    Module 2: Edu-K In Depth:The Seven Dimensions of Intelligence (total 70 hours)

    • Classroom: 40 hours
    • Practical evaluation: complete 12 case studies – 22 hours
    • Home study and written test: 8 hours

    Module 3: Repeat Brain Gym® 101 course (total 32 hours)

    • Classroom: 32 hours
    • Courses can be repeated for a discounted price

    Module 4: Educational Kinesiology Consultant Accreditation Course (total 102 hours + project/marketing materials)

    • Classroom: 56 hours
    • Requirements prior to attending course:
      • Self-development sessions: 21 sessions received from peers or qualified Consultants) – 30 hours
      • Practical applications: 4 case studies (either 2 x 1 hour sessions or 1 x 2 hour session on 4 separate people) – these may be completed after attending Brain Gym 101, Optimal Brain Organisation and Visioncircles courses – 16 hours
      • Sample marketing materials: Bring some ideas to the course for further discussion
      • An Edu-K related project: no set hours, discuss with a Faculty member
      • Home study: Students will need to have completed all previous home study requirements
      • Completion of qualification:
      • Signature of a Sub-licence Agreement with the Educational Kinesiology Trust
      • Enrolment as a Professional Member of the Educational Kinesiology Trust (includes continuing professional development requirements after 2 years)
      • Certificate of Professional Insurance
      • On completion of the above, you will be presented with a Certificate of Qualification

    Next steps: Becoming a Brain Gym 101 Instructor

    If you would like to teach the Brain Gym 101 foundation course, you can do this by joining the Graduate Mentoring programme to become a Brain Gym 101 Instructor.

    Do you have any further questions?

    Email the Trust or phone us on 0845 539 0312.  

    Key information about this course

    158 hours

    Class time




    Concepts & background

    106 hours

    Home study

    Gateway to:

    Brain Gym® 101 Instructor Professional Level 3

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