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  • The core objective of the course is to learn techniques and activities to enable you to discover and express your best potential, using all your senses and styles of learning and communication. You will learn the significance of sensory preferences – which eye, ear, hand, foot and style of information processing do you prefer? How does your sensory profile shape your sense of yourself, your natural skills, your challenges and how you relate to the outside world? Develop the skill to draw out this profile and understand its relevance to many areas of daily life. There are a host of practical applications: help yourself and others to enhance learning, relationships and success, manage the effects of stress and provide a sound basis for life choices, based on an awareness of natural gifts. This course is a natural and illuminating companion to the Brain Gym® 101 Foundation Course.

    Key programme details
    Class hours
    21 hours

    Delivery mode

    Practical, experiential


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    Qualification level
    Professional Level 2 course

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    Pathway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2


    Key outcomes
    • Go ‘behind the scenes’ and see for yourself how the Brain Gym activities and procedures you learnt in the foundation course affect sensory preferences, integrated learning and positive living
    • Discover how your leading eye, ear, hand, foot and processing style connects to your outlook, learning, skills and challenges
    • Explore your own sensory profile and relate it to your personal experience
    • Learn how to help others make the most of their gifts through awareness of their profiles
    • Gain life-changing insight into how to make the most of your natural gifts and manage challenges positively
    • Expand your repertoire of movement activities to enhance self-organisation and easier everyday functioning, building on those learnt in the Brain Gym Foundation Course
  • What will I learn on the course?

    The course curriculum builds on the activities and procedures of the Brain Gym 101 course. Optimal Brain Organisation takes you on a journey into sensory preferences, information processing styles and how these affect your everyday life, skills, choices and challenges. Find out how your preferred eye, ear, hand, foot and information processing style shape how you express yourself, your natural gifts and those activities which may cause you stress. The simple and profound techniques learnt on this course are a life-changing opportunity to making the best use of what you have to offer in every area of daily existence. Above all, this course brings understanding and increased awareness of a fascinating aspect of what makes you – and others – “tick”, so that each individual’s unique potential can be understood and developed.

    The activities

    • An additional 9 movement activities to complement those learnt on the Brain Gym foundation course
    • Further understanding of the Edu-K activities related to inner and outer organisation skills
    • How these activities relate to the core objectives of the course
    • The effects of the individual activities on performance, posture, attitude and movement
    • How the activities help to approach challenges from a resourceful, integrated state
    • Developing confidence and creativity in using the activities with a wide range of abilities

    The concepts

    • The positive effect on all aspects of daily life of smooth synchronisation between our eyes, ears, hands, ability to move and processing of sensory information
    • Noticing when we have an integrated sensory profile – or not – in different situations is a key to accessing  more resourceful states
    • The beneficial effect of releasing stress on accessing our inner resources and capacity to make good choices
    • Awareness and respect for our sensory preferences can increase understanding of our own and other’s behaviour
    • The model of the 3 dimensions of learning – the synthesis of sensing, feeling and thinking – can provide links and insight into our sensory profiles
    • Understanding the significance of our own sensory preferences can make us more successful in dealing with other people’s behaviour, encouraging their skills and appreciating their attitudes

    The techniques

    • The goal setting technique and achievement process (‘balance’) learnt in Brain Gym 101 is further enhanced by incorporating our sensory profiles for chosen activities and situations
    • How to experience your own sensory profile and draw out personal meaning and insight from it
    • Understanding the effect of stress on your natural gifts and challenges, based on your sensory profile
    • Practice in helping others to explore, understand and benefit from their sensory gifts and challenges
    • How to use the Edu-K techniques and activities to engage with daily life experiences with the best possible integration of our senses
    • How to shape your work, relationships and communication with others to take account of different personal sensory preferences and encourage response rather than reaction

    After the course

    You will receive a Letter of Attendance from your Brain Gym Instructor on completion of the full class hours. If you are training to a professional level qualification (such as Brain Gym Movement Facilitator), case studies must be completed as part of your training track. Your Brain Gym Instructor will support you in this process and evaluate your case study experience as part of the learning process. Completion of the case studies entitles you to a Certificate of Completion which states that you have satisfactorily completed all the course requirements. This Certificate is valid for four years, should you wish to continue training in the future.

    Who teaches the course?

    The course is taught by qualified Optimal Brain Organisation Instructors. They are independent trainers who have met the required training standard of being qualified Brain Gym 101 Instructors prior to completing an Advanced Instructor Training in Optimal Brain Organisation. Optimal Brain Organisation Instructors are required to be current and updated professional members of the Educational Kinesiology Trust.

    Do you have any further questions?

    Contact your nearest Instructor, email the Trust or phone us on 0845 539 0312.

    Key information about this course

    21 hours

    Class time




    Concepts & background

    18 hours

    Home study

    Gateway to:

    Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator
    Professional Level 1

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