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  • Touch for Health explores the subtle connections between our thoughts, our feelings and our physical wellbeing. It was designed as a simple and holistic means of balancing body and mind for optimal daily living. The programme emphasises our own uniqueness and gives us the tools to become happy, healthy and whole human beings.

    The full Touch for Health programme comprises five modules. The first two modules act as an access course to the Edu-K In Depth: 7 Dimensions course, part of the training to become an Educational Kinesiology Consultant. In these first two modules (Touch for Health 1 and 2) you will learn some key techniques for gathering feedback from the body and enabling positive change through physical interventions. As with all the modules in the Edu-K Professional Training, the ultimate aim of the Touch for Health programme is to foster self-development, body awareness and a sense of empowerment over our wellbeing.

    Key programme details
    Class hours
    30 hours

    Delivery mode
    Practical, experiential

    Theory and concepts


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    Qualification level
    Professional Level 2 course

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    Pathway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2


    Key outcomes
    • Learn core skills that underpin techniques used in the Educational Kinesiology In Depth: Seven Dimensions course
    • Further refine your expertise on noticing feedback from the body by using specific muscles as biofeedback mechanisms
    • Acquire hands on techniques that reduce stress within the body and can be used for yourself
    • Increase your knowledge of the physiological monitoring techniques that were adapted for the Edu-K programme
    • Gain insight into the essential concepts from the Applied Kinesiology model that underlie the interrelationship of thinking, feeling, physical wellbeing and structural integration in the body
    • Make an easy transition into the Seven Dimensions Course with enhanced background knowledge and core phsyical skills securely in place
  • What will I learn on the course?

    The foundation for many different kinesiology modalities, Touch for Health provides the ‘nuts and bolts’ of kinesiology training, enabling you to explore how thoughts manifest in the body and affect daily life functioning. Experience how the programme has adapted techniques from older and holistic approaches to wellbeing to evolve into a fully contemporary self-development programme. You will learn to use muscle monitoring with confidence so that you can move forward to greater physical, emotional and structural integration in your life.

    The first module offers the basics of monitoring feedback from muscles and techniques for balancing the body. The second module expands the repertoire of muscles used and adds techniques for bringing greater integration and wellness into everyday life. Together they deepen your awareness of how thoughts and emotions affect the body and offer simple ways of defusing negative effects and unhelpful patterns.

    The activities

    • Gain expertise and confidence in the art of muscle monitoring
    • How to set goals and notice the effect on your body
    • Choose the most beneficial physical techniques to create the optimal resources to achieve your goals
    • Learn gentle physical ways of identifying and reducing stress responses to challenges in your life
    • How to move out of your comfort zone supported by your thinking, energy and physical structure
    • Explore the effects of physically contacting key pathways and points on the body to encourage a sense of balance and harmony

    The concepts

    • A balanced body and mind are the foundations of a happy, fulfilled life and an increased feeling of wellbeing
    • The importance of directing your attention and intention to positive goals when you want to make changes of any kind
    • The interrelationship of all systems within the body
    • How the Chinese model of maintaining a flow and balance of energy within the body can illuminate contemporary issues and challenges
    • Changes in beliefs, attitudes and intention bring observable changes in the body and vice versa, as the body and the mind are one interlinked feedback loop
    • Touch for Health can empower individuals to take responsibility for their own condition, life and outlook

    The techniques

    • Discover and develop your natural ability to support change in others
    • Broaden the goal setting techniques you learnt in your previous Edu-K training
    • Increase your choice of techniques to alleviate emotional and physical discomfort through a related and yet distinct model
    • Develop awareness of those environments – human or lifestyle – that support your well-being
    • Expand, refine and fine tune your ability to use the body and muscle responses as useful feedback towards a positive daily life in harmony with your unique individuality
    • Explore and experience a fascinating set of techniques in a learning environment where you will be the judge of their efficacy

    After the course

    On completion of the full class hours, an International Kinesiology College Certificate of Attendance will be given to you by your instructor. You will need to complete 12 case studies to complete this part of the Edu-K Professional Training.

    Who teaches the course?

    Touch for Health is taught by Instructors registered with the International Kinesiology Collge, who will have completed the required training to teach TFH and issue certificates. Your Touch for Health Instructor can be an Edu-K Professional who is qualified to teach Touch for Health or an outside qualified TFH Instructor.

    Optional further training in Touch for Health

    Students attending TFH modules 1 & 2 have the further voluntary option of transforming this two module training into the completion of a Foundation Kinesiology qualification. You can do this by taking an assessment (4½ hours assessment, 2 hours multiple choice paper, 2 hours observed balance, ½ hour interview). You then have the choice of building on this by attending 3 more Touch for Health courses (modules 3-5, plus case studies) and taking another Touch for Health assessment. On completion of this, you would become a Touch for Health Proficient. For further information, contact a qualified Touch for Health Instructor.

    Do you have any further questions?

    Contact your local Touch for Health qualified Instructor through our Professional Directory or the Kinesiology Federation, the International Kinesiology College, or email the Trust or phone us on 0845 539 0312.

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    about this course

    30 hours

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    Concepts & background

    30 hours

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    Gateway to:

    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2

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