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  • Visioncircles is an exploration of eight developmental spheres of perceptual intelligence. The course was created by Paul Dennison and his wife, Gail Dennison:

    Our vision, the ability to interpret what we see, ultimately depends on how we think, move and access our experiences. The Visioncircles course offers an opportunity to discover the incredible world that awaits us as we rediscover our full sensory awareness.

    The course offers a rich toolkit of opportunities for vision enhancement through activities that nourish perceptual flexibility and have a wide application.

    Key programme details
    Class hours
    32 hours

    Delivery mode

    Practical, experiential

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    Qualification level
    Professional Level 2 course

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    Pathway to:
    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2


    Key outcomes
    • Develop your active vision
    • Explore eight areas of perceptual intelligence
    • Relate each area to skills developed early in life and discover how to make these work even better for you as an adult
    • Learn to “see” with all your senses
    • Expand your repertoire of movement activities with 32 new Vision Gym movements
    • Complements and enriches the Brain Gym programme with new developmental and life perspectives
  • What will I learn on the course?

    ‘Touch, hearing and proprioception are important organisers of the visual aspects of learning. Vision is a very complex phenomenon, with only a small percentage (less than 5 per cent) of the process occurring in the eyes. The other over 95% of vision takes place in the brain from association with touch, hearing and proprioception.’ Smart Moves, ch 3, Carla Hannaford, PhD

    The Visioncircles course grew out of Paul and Gail Dennison’s interest in natural vision improvement and sensory integration. The programme evolved over a number of years building on the currently well recognised concept that vision is a learned experience. This course explores the meaning of ‘active vision’. Active vision is intelligent vision, selecting and screening from infinite possibilities to evolve a sense of what is important. Discover how to enhance visual attention and engage with the world with greater sensory awareness.

    The course is excellent for educators, parents, occupational therapists, anyone seeking to increase their perceptual skills or anyone with learning challenges. Learn tools and techniques that increase your understanding of the Edu-K programme from a new viewpoint.

    The Vision Gym activities

      • An additional 32 Vision Gym activities to enhance vision and perception
      • How the activities are categorised into 5 sets for ease of use for different perceptual areas
      • Using the activities for developmental and perceptual challenges
      • The effect of the activities on enhancing active vision skills
      • Experiencing the changes from using the activities in relation to your own skills and goals
      • Helping people of a wide range of ages and skills to benefit from and enjoy these gentle movement activities

    The concepts

          • Our vision, the ability to interpret what we see, ultimately depends on how we think, move and access our experience
          • How we relate to the world through our eyes and ears or through touch or movement creates the sensory background which colours our entire view of life
          • The 8 Visioncircles represent 8 primary ways of processing information, which develop naturally in early childhood
          • These natural gifts may be present at birth and then less used or suppressed in response to developing life stresses
          • When these perceptual intelligences are enhanced and integrated, our natural innate abilities become more available
          • Through the 8 session we can connect with the visions that move us and learn to use our available perceptual information in new, easier, more efficient and more satisfying ways

    The techniques

              • Experience the developmental elements of each of the spheres through movement, individual and co-operative games and artistic exploration
              • Each of these sets of skills or ‘life spaces’ is attended to separately with the purpose of focussing on and releasing compensatory habits
              • Learn the significance of each developmental sphere and ground your knowledge through kinesthetic experience
              • Learn tools and techniques that can be used with clients, students, friends and family
              • Notice where your own perceptual skills are compromised or compensatory habits have developed and use the techniques for your own progress
              • Substantially increase the observational baselines learnt in previous courses to mark your starting-point and then any changes that have occurred through using the Visioncircles techniques

    After the course

    You will receive a Letter of Attendance from your Brain Gym Instructor on completion of the full class hours. The next step is to complete the designated post-course case studies. Your Visioncircles Instructor will support you in this process and evaluate your case study experience as part of the learning process. Completion of the case studies entitles you to a Certificate of Completion which states that you have satisfactorily completed all the course requirements. This Certificate is valid for four years, should you wish to continue training in the future.

    On completion of this course, you are on the road to becoming an Educational Kinesiology Consultant (Professional Level 2), which will enable you to work in depth through one-to-one consultations and deliver short Brain Gym trainings.

    Who teaches the course?

    The course is taught by qualified Visioncircles Instructors. They are independent trainers who have met the required training standard of being qualified Brain Gym 101 Instructors prior to completing an Advanced Instructor Training in Visoncircles. Visioncircles Instructors are required to be current and updated professional members of the Educational Kinesiology Trust.

    Do you have any further questions?

    Contact your nearest Instructor, email the Trust or phone us on 0845 539 0312.

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    32 hours

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    16 hours

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    Educational Kinesiology Consultant
    Professional Level 2

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