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  • What does the training qualify me to do?

    If you would like to have free rein to present every aspect of the Brain Gym programme, then becoming a Brain Gym 101 Instructor will hand you the key. When you complete the Brain Gym 101 Instructor Graduate Mentoring Programme, you will be able to expand your delivery content from short seminars and talks (Educational Kinesiology Consultant) to encompass the Brain Gym 101 foundation course and its many tools and simple, effective procedures.

    The training consists of supervised, mentored teaching practice alongside an experienced Brain Gym 101 Instructor. Through staged participation in teaching the course, you will culminate in a full co-teach and be evaluated on this for accreditation as a Brain Gym 101 Instructor. The training process is usually accomplished over two courses. You are encouraged to provide your own students for the accreditation course (usually the second co-teach), as there is a profit-sharing arrangement in place for this.

    This key Instructor training is also a passport to a further vista of Instructor trainings, including courses on the professional training track and other courses in the approved Edu-K curriculum.

    Key programme details
    64 hours + assessment

    Delivery mode
    Mentored co-teaching of the Brain Gym 101 course


    Current mentoring fee and profit-share arrangement (see the Course Content tab within this section)

    General fees and package payment information

    Qualification level
    Brain Gym 101 Instructor
    Professional Level 3

    Location and dates
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    Pathway to:

    Optimal Brain Organisation & Visioncircles Instructor

    Instructor for other Educational Kinesiology courses (e.g. Double Doodle, Movement Dynamics)

    Faculty Member


    Key outcomes
    • Teach the original, internationally standardised Brain Gym 101 foundation course secure in the knowledge that you have trained with an internationally authorised training body
    • Make full and confident use of all the Brain Gym materials as a licensed Brain Gym Instructor
    • Learn to deliver the curriculum to course participants in a supportive and hands on teaching environment
    • Be mentored by an experienced Brain Gym 101 Instructor
    • Benefit from collaboration with your mentor to launch your first Brain Gym 101 course
    • Use the Brain Gym 101 Instructor qualification as a springboard to further Edu-K Instructor qualifications for other courses
  • What will I learn on the Mentoring Programme?

    The purpose of the mentoring programme is give you the opportunity to deliver all your previous practical and theoretical experience and knowledge of the Brain Gym programme to students, whilst co-teaching with an experienced mentor. This will usually take place over two Brain Gym 101 courses:

    • a course where you will assist teach parts of the course
    • a course where you will deliver 50% or more of the course content

    How is the mentored teaching carried out?

    • Your mentor will be an experienced Brain Gym 101 Instructor
    • For the first, assist teach course, in consultation with your mentor, you will be asked to:
      • teach some parts of the assist teach course
      • support the participants in their practice sessions
      • help your mentor with the day-to-day practical running of the course
    • For the second co-teach course, you will be asked to:
      • help your mentor with any pre-course planning that is required
      • create a course plan in discussion with your mentor
      • teach at least 50% of the course with your mentor
      • support the course participants in their practice sessions
      • fully participate in the day-to-day practical organisation of the course
      • where possible, provide at least two participants for the course

    Mentoring costs

    There is a £450 accreditation fee for the second, accreditation course. You are encouraged to bring as many students as possible to this course as there is a profit-sharing arrangement between the mentor and mentee for these students’ fees. Depending on how many students you personally recruit for the course, your share of the fees can help to cover the mentoring fees or bring income beyond this.

    After the course

    On satisfactory completion of the co-teaching of the course, you will:

    • Receive a Certificate of Qualification as a Brain Gym 101 Instructor.
    • Sign a Brain Gym 101 Sub-licence Agreement, entitling you to teach the Brain Gym 101 Course.
    • Agree to complete Continuing Professional Development of 30 hours every two years to maintain your Instructor status.
    • Provide a copy of a current certificate of insurance.
    • Have the opportunity to upgrade your professional membership.

    Do you have any further questions?

    Contact Faculty members Niki Honoré or Kay McCarroll or phone us on 0845 539 0312.

    Key information about this course

    64 hours

    Class time




    Concepts & background

    Pathway to:

    Instructor for other Edu-K courses

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