Specialised courses

If you would like to experience how Edu-K can support specific skills, such as motor development, fine motor skills for handwriting, or maths, a specialised course is a good place to start. On the courses you will learn a selected set of activities and techniques drawn from the Edu-K programme. There are two types of course:

  • Open to all – these are great tasters of what the programme has to offer.
  • Pre-requisite of attending the Brain Gym® 101 Foundation Course – these build on a basic knowledge of Brain Gym movement activities, goal setting techniques and concepts.

The courses have been developed by Brain Gym® 101 Instructors with an interest in a particular skill set. While the courses have been approved by the Educational Kinesiology Trust in the UK as being of a suitable standard, they are not part of the body of internationally approved courses. Attending a specialised course is one of several ways of sampling the Edu-K approach to personal development.

Educational Kinesiology 4 Numeracy

Course name: Kinesiology 4 Numeracy: using Brain Gym to help with maths and numeracy development
Instructor: Sue Peace BSc(Mathematics), MEd, AMBDA, SpLDPAC, K.F.R.P, specialist Mathematics/Numeracy Teacher, Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym Instructor
Date: 6/7 April 2020
Location: NW London
Short synopsis: Brain Gym movements and visual techniques form the basis of the K4N programme. These techniques enable students to develop skills to manage mathematics in daily life, giving them confidence and self esteem.
Pre-requisite for course: Brain Gym 101. Find a course in your area or contact a Brain Gym Instructor to run one.

Topics covered:

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety of maths
  • Understanding number
  • Remembering numbers and tables
  • Understanding length and currency
  • Telling the time
  • Understanding mathematical language
  • Directional sense
  • Sequencing
  • Spatial skills
  • Auditory and visual processing
  • Perception
  • Building self-confidence with memory
  • Managing mathematical tasks

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