Training options

Welcome to the many opportunities for Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® training to suit your interests and plans. The following is a guide to help you find the most relevant training solutions for you. We offer three types of training programmes so that you can access Brain Gym® in the best way for your needs:

How would you like to use your training?

Are you planning to enhance your professional resources? Edu-K and Brain Gym are ideally suited for this and can be integrated into many different existing skills. Alternatively, you may have heard of the benefits of the programme and wish to use it for your own self-development and to help friends and family.

Using Brain Gym with friends and family: We recommend attending an Introduction to Brain Gym seminar (1 day, created by Brain Gym Instructors) or the Brain Gym 26 Movements Course (2 days). The 26 Movements Course is part of the official training programme.

Using these two courses. You can integrate the course materials into current professional skills and use them with family and friends. To advertise yourself as professionally qualified to use the movements, you need to reach Professional level 1 and be licensed as a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator.

Training to professional level. There are 3 professional levels which will license you to use this trademarked programme:

Each of these levels involves case studies, additional learning and culminates in an evaluation. As you complete each level and gain your licence, you will be entitled to advertise your level of professional expertise in using the programme and legitimately use the trademark. Your licence will be a Sub-licence with the Educational Kinesiology Trust, UK & Ireland, a recognised affiliate of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Breakthroughs International. 

Do you have any further questions?

Contact your nearest Instructor, email the Trust or phone us on 0845 539 0312.